Saturday, February 11, 2012

Actually Not MIA... Just Late Again

Week 4: Ginger-Orange Cookies.

I baked this variety two weeks ago, but didn't post about them... and still have to go find the receipe I modified so I can post it for you. Soon, Grasshopper, soon. These are really easy, few ingredient, freezable and very tasty cookies! I like the sort of cookies you can keep in the fridge or freezer for the times you really, really want cookies, but are short of time. (This is me, usually. How did I ever have time to hold down a job? There is just too much to do now that I'm retired... I don't have the TIME to work!!! LOL)

These fine textured cookies are not really sweet, and need to be dipped in regular Granulated Sugar or Sanding Sugar before baking. I baked one sheet before deciding to sugar the tops, and there is a difference. The Sugar compliments the Orange Zest and Candied/Crystalized Ginger, dressing the cookies up a bit.

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