Sunday, September 20, 2009

Berries and Pears... Oh, My!

After picking blackberries for a couple of hours yesterday, I grabbed a 5 gal bucket and went around picking up windfall pears. Jim said there was a bear in the neighborhood, so I didn't want to leave an open invitation to wildlife to drop by and help themselves to goodies! I have four of these buckets now, and all I've managed to do with them is dry some, and make some pear butter. They are super-sweet and juicy... I'm not sharing with bears!
Since Henry has really sensitive teeth, he can't eat Blackberry Jam... I decided to surprise him! I removed the seeds from the Blackberries (with a sieve, almost like making jelly, but I used a large enough mesh to allow most of the pulp through) He was pretty pleased.

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