Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back on the Range...

I've been gone - obviously - for almost a month. Mostly in California, visiting my Dad and letting my brother have a much-needed vacation. It was fun being Dad's "Private Chef" for a while... his tastes are not as eclectic as mine, but he enjoyed having a different hand in the kitchen. Didn't complain too much about having to eat so many desserts, either! Larry doesn't bake much, (though he's an excellent chef) so ice cream and puddings are Dad's favorites. I did some cookies for his ice cream, a gallette, lemon tea cake, and rice pudding with blueberries.

When I got back to the farm, my new "Gelato Pro" was here!!! YYAAY!
I did a White Peach Fro-Yo just now... doesn't it look yummy? I'll do Cherry Ice Cream tomorrow for Henry - that's his favorite, I think - but I don't think he'll have too much trouble putting away the Peach tonight!

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