Monday, June 1, 2009

Pasta Variation: Sunday Supper

We have Grilled 'Burgers more often than not on Sunday nights. Perhaps the tradition stems from the times I worked most of the day on Sunday, preparing for classes and reading student papers all day. I wasn't in the mood to create something spectacular for my family's meal. They stood for a lot of abuse back then... sometimes they didn't feel I iwas giving them my attention, that I spent more time worrying about the students than I did about their welfare. Possibly true, but not an intended slight. I knew they cold take care of things that happened in their lives, and felt that many of the children in my classes needed more looking after. That may have been wrong. Most parents do what they can with the resources available to them.
I didn't feel like doing a Grill last night, so opted for a nice Prawn and Veggie melange over pasta. I put the peppers and tomato in just long enough to warm them; I had already sauted the shallots with garlic and mushrooms, deglazed the pan with Vermouth, and added the Prawns - letting them get just pink before I added about a cup of Marinara sauce (I didn't want the dish to be runny at all). I tossed in the Veg and let them warm as I drained the pasta. Then it was "Plate and Eat", with green salad on the side and Nova's Lemon Cake for dessert... Yummm!

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