Saturday, January 31, 2009

A year ago today I posted on this blog. I was beginning a new venture; becoming a chef. I though that if I wrote what was going on, I'd be able to follow my own trail - not so. My habit of leaving things unfinished continues. Not only did I not make note of the journey to becoming a chef, the process was aborted as well.

I have retired from my "day job" in the Library at school and moved to Oregon. There is a remote possibility that I will return to Santa Rosa and take the two remaining courses I need to get my "Baking and Pastry Certificate", but I doubt that it will happen. The classes are eight weeks long (well, one is eight weeks and the other is two) and five hundred miles away. Not gonna happen in all reality.

This will become my Food Blog... I'll just write about food: making, eating, thinking about, buying, growing, and whatever. Just food.

Cheers, me - another endeavor.

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