Monday, December 17, 2007

Run, Run as Fast as You Can...

Sunday was Gingerbread Man making day at our house! Erin needed 45 of them for her (and Renee's, too) Kindergarten students. I had purchased two sizes of small Gingerbread cookie cutters well before Halloween because last year we had to make the Gingerbread into STARS! The little Man shapes were all sold out.

I mixed the dough and showed Erin how to roll and cut the cookies. The I sat back with an eggnog and watched the proceedings. Fun!! By the end, she was doing a superior jobof rolling the dough out very evenly, and the rows of tiny Gingerbread Men waiting for small hands to finish decorating them on friday with icing and "sprinkles" and colored sugar was almost too sweet to contemplate. What a nice way to end the childrens' week!

Erin said she had forgotten how much fun it was to bake... and I reminded her that we'd be baking Mince Pies for Grandpa on Monday next... she was pleased to be included I think.

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