Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It was a rainy day (Don't say" you live in Oregon, what did you expect?"... yesterday was beautiful: warm and sunny) As I was saying... it was a rainy day and I hadn't baked anything for a while.

SSOOooo, can you guess what I made?

Yep! I made Chocolate Chip Cookies. I HATE those things! I almost always eat about a dozen and make myself sugar-sick. Definitely a love-hate relationship... they are so good I can't stay away from them. I'm almost glad when Henry starts gobbling them up too!

They don't take very long and they make the whole house smell sooo good!

Here they are... well, part of them anyway. And yes, they are as good as they look! If you make them 2" size, and don't eat all the dough before they are baked, there are about seven dozen in a batch. I ate six or seven from the first sheet out of the oven-"my bad"?

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